The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg


Nick Fox is a master con artist on ten most wanted lists around the world. Kate O’hare is the crack FBI agent that caught him. Now they run cons to bring down the international criminals that the law can’t touch. In “The Job”, the third book in the Fox and O’hare series, they need to bring down a major drug kingpin. The challenges are, nobody knows what he looks like, or how to find him. Their assets, are Kates retired fater, a former Somali pirate, an Oscar winning special effects master, and an actor that is way too into himself. As expected from Evanovich, this is a real page turner. With more twists than the Pacific Coast Highway, once they find the drug lord, their ultimate goal is not to arrest him, or kill him. They have the much harder task of destroying him. Join Nick and Kate on their biggest con yet.

A Call to Duty


By David Weber, Timothy Zahn

With a skillful blending of political intrigue and naval action, A Call to Duty is an excellent read. The Star Kingdom of Manticore is a kingdom of only three planets, and their primary defense is that there is nothing worth invading for. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is leading the fight to downsize the navy. Defense is looking to modernize and hold on to what they already have. The Republic of Haven is inviting all of the local star nations to a used warship sail in order to get their help in a fight against space pirates. For fans of Honor Harrington, this book is excellent backstory giving an idea as to where the Star Kingdom came from before it was a major player in the region. The life in the Navy sections of the book had me checking Weber’s bio to see how long he spent in the Navy. Surprisingly, it looks like none. However, Navy life was portrayed so realistically, it is a must read for any fan of military science fiction.


Tarzan and John Carter

So what do the two above have in common? They are both fictional characters from about a century ago, They are both popular in modern culture, and they are both products of the imaginative mind of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

For a good look at the worlds created by Burroughs, look at The Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection: 30 Classic Novels. It’s well worth the read.

Five Portraits by Piers Anthony


In Five Portraits (Xanth Book 39), Piers Anthony takes us on another journey out of Mundania and into the best selling land of Xanth. This story takes up where “Board Stiff” left off, as Astrid Basilisk and her team are attempting to eradicate the last vestiges of a pun virus that threatened to destroy all the puns in Xanth. In the mean time, she has to save five difficult children from a future Xanth in order to attempt to protect Xanth from its impending destruction. “Five Portraits” gives us everything we expect to delight fans of the Xanth series. An unlikely friendship between a pretty girl whose glance is deadly, and the Demoness Fornax, whose physical presence would destroy the universe is simply icing on the cake.

Nest by Esther Ehrlich


Harper Lee, watch out, here comes Esther Ehrlich. Nest, by Esther Ehrlich is a heart touching tale about eleven-year old Naomi “Chirp” Orenstein and her family. It is a story of tragedy and hope, loss and love, and what Chirp does to get by when her world is falling apart around her. Ehrlich uses ordinary things in extraordinary ways making her visual imagery a delight to read. I may never look at clams or broken glass the same way again. This is a wonderful offering by a debut author, and I look forward to introducing others to her work. The only adequate way to describe this novel is in Chirp’s own words. “Bowacunga.”[sic]

Banned Books Week


It’s Banned Books Week, a week when the American Library Association encourages people to read books that have been challenged.  By supporting books that have been challenged, we help fight censorship, and promote  free thoughts and free exchange of ideas.  I encourage everyone to check out the top 10 challenged books of 2013, and add something from the list to their to be read pile.  I’m adding The Hunger Games (Book 1)
by Suzanne Collins which has been on the list for 3 of the last 4 years.

First Post


This blog is about books I’ve read, and news of the book world that I find interesting.  In my reviews, I will strive to share whether I like a particular book, and more importantly, why.  Please join me on my journey through the pages of the printed word.  I will be reviewing old favorites, as well as new releases.  I get review copies from and from, both of which are great resources for finding information on books.